Egg Bhuna

6 eggs, boiled, shelled and scored (use knife tip to pierce into eggs all over but gently).

2 bay leaves.
4 cloves.
1 cinnamon.
4 cardamom (split).
I black cardamom.
1 tsp methi leaves.

3 med onions sliced.
1 med onion blitzed or grated.
2 tomatoes blitzed or chopped really small.
Fresh coriander chopped.
2 to 3 green chillies slit.
1 teaspoon garlic paste.

1tsp salt.
1tsp turmeric.
2tsp kashmiri chilli powder (optional for colour).
2 tbsp Basar powder or (1tsp each of coriander…cumin and 2 of curry powder).

Add 3 tbsp oil to pan. Add teaspoon of turmeric, heat a little, add eggs till lightly golden brown and set aside.

Add whole spices to remaining oil and temper. When aromatic, add the onions, 2 slit chillies and salt, then cook down till softened.
Add half cup water, cover and cook low heat till water mostly evaporated.
Add the blitzed onion and tomatoes, fry off till no longer raw, add splashes of water and cook. Repeat this till the oil is splitting.
Once the oil is nearly splitting, add the spices and cook off.
Again, keep cooking this (Bhuna it), adding splashes of water so it does not burn but mixture cooks out and oil splits again. This bit is important as you gradually cook spices but not burn it.

Add eggs, stir and cook for approx 5 mins, then add cup of water.
Give the mixture a good stir and simmer partially covered, stirring occasionally until the oils rises to the surface in craters and desired thickness. Garnish with fresh coriander, julienne ginger and green slit chilli!

Potatoes are optional. I often add cm thick slices when frying tomatoes stage.I prefer Pakistani Basar powder for this: it’s a spice mix and has lovely flavour, but you can use the other as I do too.

Don’t be put off by the long list of ingredients: once prepped, it’s quite easy.
Just remember, cooking off spices at each stage till the oil splits is key.
Even at the onion stage, keep cooking whilst covered, stirring always till oil splits. Adding splashes of water helps meld spices and loosen the oil.

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