Keski shutki bhaja

I have lots of special and fond memories of this keski shutki bhaj, most with my late mum. Whenever we would get back late from travelling/outdoors and we would ponder what to cook or eat on the odd days we didn’t get fastfood, my mum would say just make some keski shutki! It stunk the house but it filled our bellIes and satisfied our souls, every time! I still think of my mum when I cook this amongst many other of ‘our’ faves.

You need to thoroughly but gently wash a fist full of dried keski in cold water. Drain and leave it to stand, this will help soften it. When it’s wet, pick out any stones or dry straw etc.
Next, slice 2 large onions thinly.
4 or 5 green chillies sliced.
5 cloves garlic minced.
In frying pan, add some oil. Once heated, add your onions, garlic and half teaspoon turmeric with salt to taste.
Keep frying this till onions are looking soft and becoming brown.
Add keski and green chillies. Now give this a good stir and fry, but only gently stir, so you don’t break the fish up.

When the keski and onions starts crisping, it’s done.
The heat and lovely fragrance comes from fresh green chillies. You want a lot of onions for this, not too brittle crispy, but just at edges. Like the picture.

Thats it!

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