Lamb Raan

I don’t measure, but use sharp thin knife and make deep cuts you can get a finger in all over.

For the marinade:

2 inch piece ginger.
6 garlic cloves.
3 or 4 green chillies.
Small bunch of fresh coriander.
1 small onion.
Blitz all the above in a food processor.

Add to that:
1 tsp of chilli powder,
2 tsp of cumin,
3 tsp of cinnamon powder and
1 tbs chilli flakes and
1 tsp of salt.
Mix or blitz with
1 tbsp of veg oil.

Put it on your lamb and poke the marinade into the holes: push plenty in.

Leave overnight out of fridge covered.
Place 1 cup of chicken stock or white wine mix on bottom of tray and cook wrapped in foil in hot oven for 30mins then lower to 150 C for approx 2hrs. Check when knife goes through easily then brown on high.
I have a syringe baster so I inject the juices into the meat before browning.
Cooking times vary according to joint, but try not to open when slow roasting period.

Forgot to add: before browning, pour all the juices into a small pan. Skim the oil from the juices of the joint and pour all over it to brown, then turn it over and do the same on the other side.
The pan juices: get rid of oil.
Heat the rest and pour over before serving.
The oil will help brown.

I wish you could smell it it beautiful. Also use powdered cinnamon in the marinade. I use my home-ground one. It’s much better. Specially in the pulao too. Just don’t dry the joint what ever you do.



I sometimes serve with couscous, yogurt, alternatively serve with roasted veg and red wine gravy!

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