Mackerel with Kale


Small can of mackerel fillets in brine.
Small bag of pre-sliced kale.
2 medium onions sliced thin.
3 dried chillies.
3 green chillies slit to taste.
Half tsp Salt.
1tsp turmeric.
1tsp of chilli.
1 clove of garlic minced.
2 tbsp of veg oil.


Heat the oil in pan, add red dried chillies and roast till darker for a few seconds and add sliced onions, salt and garlic.
Cook this by adding water till it’s slightly golden and soft.

Add half cup of water, cover and cook on low till onions are softened and the oil is starting to separate.

Mix the turmeric and chilli powder with 2tbsp water and add to onions.
Now cook this till the oil starts to crater and split.

Add the mackerel brine and all.
Cook this now, breaking down the fish and till oil is splitting again.

Add kale and green chillies, give it a good stir and start cooking till its dry-ish (like the pic).
The fish should be totally disintegrated and just starting to catch on sides and bottom and kale cooked.

I use canned tuna in brine too instead off mackerel.

Kale with Tuna in brine

You can add more chilli powder but stick to turmeric and chilli only as this lets the other flavours come through. We do not add any other ground spices as it loses its authenticity.

Its a dish eaten on its own with rice or accompanied with masoor dal and rice!

I’ve made sandwiches with it lol
Hope you enjoy!

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