Tofu with cauliflower stems

Tender cauliflower stems, green peppers with spiced Tofu in a tomato and nigella seed curry sauce.

Half block of Tofu cut into chip size pieces.
Pat dry with tissue.
The outside stems of cauliflower cut into thin-ish strips.
Half green pepper into strips.
3 fresh tomatoes chopped real small.
4 chilies sliced.
1 tsp salt.
1 tsp sugar.
1 tbsp nigella seeds (kalonji or onion seeds).
2 dried chillies.
1 Indian bayleaf.
1 tsp turmeric, split this in halves.
1 tsp chilli powder (or more if you prefer).
1 tsp curry powder.
4 tbsp oil.

Heat oil and add half a teaspoon turmeric, pinch of salt and curry powder into oil. Add tofu and fry till it gets golden with colour. Take out and aside.

Now to the hot oil add the dried chillies, bayleaf and kalonji.
As soon as you get aroma of nigella seeds add cauli stems, tomatoes, peppers, green chillies, sugar, salt stir and cover with lid and cook for few mins to infuse the aroma and slightly sweat the veg.

Lift lid, add turmeric, chilli powder, cover and cook on low stirring frequently.
The stems should cook in the steam and juices out of the tomatoes.
When stem is nearly done add Tofu and gently stir and cook covered on low till stems are tender and you can see oil separating in the sauce and it’s sticking to stems.



Try not to add water as its a dry-ish dish, the sauce being the thick tomato that has split with fat. You will have a lovely rich taste when it gets to that stage. You do not want any thin sauce.

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