Bengali Fried Fish (Mas Bhaja)

When I get asked what is the best way to cook fish but simply, Mas bhaja always comes to mind. It’s the simplest of methods but has a lot of flavour and great taste using just a couple of basic spices.
I used Bengali freshwater carp but this is fabulous with red mullet or snapper. It’s a Bengali fave, fish fry! We can eat a plate of rice with just mas bhaja, but it’s often served with dhal too! A green chilli, hot rice and optional drizzle of ghee is often bliss.
It’s quick. It’s straightforward. It’s yum!

Fish cleaned and scaled cut into half.
I used PUTA mas, (carp fish)
If they are small leave whole and score flesh.
Add to fish 1 tsp tumeric and half tsp of chilli powder and salt
In frying pan add veg oil, add your fish and fry. That simple you fry while it crisps outside and cooks staying moist inside.
When done remove and set aside.

You will now need:
2 onions chopped into chunks.
3 fresh chillies slit
Half teaspoon salt
Half teaspoon turmeric
In the same pan, add a little more oil if required. Add the onion chunks, green chillies, salt, half spoon turmeric and stir fry this till the onions are just browning and soft.

Add the fish back to the pan and cover with the onions. Carry on frying on medium till you start to get some crisping on the edges of onion.
Take of heat and serve hot and crispy with hot plain rice and a customary fresh green chilli!

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