Chicken Liver Bhuna

I used to hate liver, still do unless its Chicken livers! Now I can’t get enough of them!
It was a bizarre pregnancy craving! From cooking it for my hubby with a dozen joss sticks burning in the house and a makeshift bandana to cover my nose and mouth to licking the spoon and inhaling the fumes as it cooks!
That’s my liver journey: it stops there, I can’t eat liver from any other source.
I make this for me and my hubby. We start with some on its own with some fine red wine then with rice or roti!
Occasionally I will indulge in a chicken liver bhuna sandwich, in bap burger style or toastie!
It’s a hit dish we have with puri/naan and drinks!
A real hit too with my little brother!

About 2lb chicken liver
4 large onions, cut in squares inch size
1 whole garlic bulb, med size
2 Fresh tomatoes chopped
1 green pepper
Fresh coriander
Fresh chillies sliced
1 or 2 scotch bonnets as you like


3tsp Mild madras curry powder (only Rajah)
2tsp Chilli powder
2tsp Coriander
2.5 tsp Cumin
Salt to taste
3 chef spoon oil.

Heat oil in frying pan. Add garlic and gently fry till slightly golden and infused.
Add 3/4 of the onions, salt and scotch bonnets sliced and gently cook for a few minutes till onion has slightly softened.

Add the spices and cook. You do this stirring often till the spices no longer raw.

Now add tomatoes and rest of onions and peppers stirring occasionally until peppers all cooked tomatoes absorbed and the last lot onions are little visible still. Add little more oil if needed.

Next add the livers and just cook till they become firm.

Add fresh coriander and I garnish with thinly sliced ginger slivers!

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