Green banana kofta in cinnamon sauce

A Bengali Rosha is a dish which has a predominance and emphasis on a Bengali gharam masala, which consists of cardamom and cinnamon made into a paste.

This can be substituted by grinding cardamom seeds in their husks and cinnamon stick in order to provide that unique flavour which defines a Rosha.

The gharam masala is added just before the end of the cooking period so that the beautiful perfume lingers in your nose and mouth! I have used raw green bananas, this is a revered dish amongst Bengalis.

6 green bananas, boiled whole in skins for about 10 mins then peeled when cool.
I used traditional small green ones from Asia but you can use regular unripe green bananas
4 tbsp plain flour
Half tsp of ginger paste
3 green chillies chopped fine
Half tsp chilli powder
Half tsp of cumin powder.
Half tsp tumeric
Half tsp salt.

Mash the bananas first then combine all the above together and set aside.
Peel 2 potatoes and cut into 2 inch cubes.
In a frying pan first saute potatoes with a pinch of salt and turmeric till golden, then put aside.
Add oil to your hands. Now take tablespoon full of banana mash and make balls. I slightly flatten mine, though this is just a personal choice.
Fry one in your pan. If it holds continue to make the koftas to fry in one go. If the mixture fizzles out at sides add a little more flour to mix until they hold frying. When they are fried put aside.

Rosha Curry:
Heat 3 tbsp of ghee in pan.
Add cinnamon, cardamoms, bay leafs torn and dried chillies.
Let them sizzle for a few seconds.
Now add panch puran and wait till aromatic and much darker in colour.
Reduce your heat and add the powdered spice paste to the pan.
It will steam here which is a good sign.
Add salt and continue to cook the spices till the ghee splits.
Keep adding splashes of water and cooking till oil splits. Repeat this a few times.This stage is very important.
Next add in your sauteed potatoes. Ensure that they are fully coated in the spices.
Add 3 cups of water, cover on medium and cook till potatoes done.
Then add your slit chillies, add your fried green banana kofta. Reduce heat to low and cook for 2 minutes covered.
Switch off and leave to stand.
Sprinkle half tsp cinnamon powder and cardamom for that true traditional Rosha taste and flavour. Lastly a drizzle of desi ghee.
If you notice the sauce has dried up add a little boiled water. Do not stir, just swiggle your pan. The koftas will absorb sauce but you want a thick sauce.
Serve with hot plain rice or luchi.

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