Halloumi my way!
This squeaky delight has been my household favourite and each member has their own dish they make. What’s spectacular is that it’s just divine simply dry fried on its own!
My daughter makes a delicious Halloumi fajita style dish, we devour it!
This is how I like it and repeatedly make it!

Sliced onions, red bell peppers, green chillies and garlic.
All tossed with pinch of salt and lightly fried in a touch of oil till just soft and caramelising.

In goes the toasty halloumi, good stir with plenty of freshly squeezed lemon juice and then a good seasoning of black pepper and sprinkle of chilli powder!

Serve with a flourish of coriander if you wish!

Only thing left is to tuck in with some warm baguette and boy you will not be disappointed!!
By all means if you don’t have or like halloumi use paneer!

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