Hoisin Chicken

I rustled this up one afternoon when I had some chicken thighs to use up.
It was a throw it in cupboard store ingredients.

Well it made my day when my foodie daughter Mica and hubby both commented how delicious it was! And it was! There was lovely juices in the tray which went beautifully with the accompaniments! Defo one of my dishes that I know my kids will use in years to come.

8 chicken thighs
Hoisin sauce 2tbsp
Fish sauce 2 tbsp
Inch ginger crushed
2 cloves garlic crushed
2tsp chinese five spice
Quarter cup light soy sauce
1 tbspoon Franks chilli sauce
1 tbsp chilli flakes
1tsp black pepper
1tbsp oil

Mix well leave to marinate for as long as possible.

Grill till done, turning over and basting.

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