Mushroom Bhuna

First dish I cooked my hubby before we wed 30 years ago! It wowed him them, but I think he’s spoilt for choice now!
This dish still makes an appearance now and then.

Medium punnet of mushrooms, closed cup best or button mushrooms. Sliced thick.
2 large onions thinly sliced.
3 cloves garlic minced (optional)
Half green pepper thinly sliced.
4 green chillies slit
Salt 1tsp
Sugar 1tsp

Level spoons of:
2tsp cumin powder
1 tsp of coriander powder
2 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp kashmiri chilli powder
1 tsp turmeric

Quarter measuring cup oil
2 handful fresh coriander
(Stems chopped separate)
2 large tomatoes chopped.

Add oil to pan, heat, add onions/garlic and salt and cook this till soft rather than brown.

Add 2 of the slit chillies then quarter cup of water cover and simmer till onions soften, then uncover and cook till water nearly gone and oil splitting.

Now add powder spices. Give good stir. Cook for about 30 secs.
Add good splashes of water keep cooking/stirring till oil splits.
You do this process 3 times, each time waiting for oil to split then water again. This bit is important for spices to cook out well and flavours to develop.

Now add tomatoes and sugar, stir, cover and let this cook down till your tomatoes have broken down to mush and cooked out. You leave uncovered till oil is surfacing/splitting.

Add mushrooms and green pepper cook uncovered till the water released by mushrooms is cooked out.
You should get oil splitting a bit: add coriander stems and green sliced chillies.

Cook till there’s no loose sauce or water and peppers cooked. I get it really dry then loosen slightly with water just to ensure all mushroom water gone!
Stir in fresh coriander

Taste for seasoning.


I like this with baked potato…yum!

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