Rice cooker cheats Pulao!

I cheated all the way, but it’s so quick and easy and yum! And you won’t need to use your cooker either!
This is what happens when you experiment! You can thank me later! 😁😁

I washed and used 3 cups of rice and put it in the rice cooker. Add your measured ratio of water and let it sit whilst switched off.

Add to the rice some ghee, whole cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf, dried chillies, 3 slit fresh green chillies and a small bag of frozen mixed veg.

Add 1 large jar of your favourite curry sauce. I use 2 Shaheen Pulao sachet. Add 1 frozen bag of quorn pieces or mince as I did, salt and pepper.

Once all is added to the rice cooker, give it a really good stir start it cooking.

Just stir gently once half-way.
Once cooking done and its cooked gently fluff with a fork and let it sit switched off for 5 mins.

That’s it… Serve!

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