Bombay Duck

The 70’s and 80’s era was when British Bangladeshi restaurants had crispy fried Bombay Duck on it’s menu.

You either liked it or loathed it.
It was a side dish.

We Bengali’s have been raised with Bombay duck or Bombil (dried fish) and even amongst us… we either liked it or HATED it.
I am from the former camp!

This charmingly misnamed delicacy is actually a fish, whose pungent odour is part of that special love-it-or-hate it-Mumbai smell. It got its name in the days of the Raj, from being transported on an iconic train, the Bombay Daak, daak being the Hindi word for mail. The term was then adopted to duck, which stuck.

Bombay Duck was banned a decade ago in UK however it is now available in some Bangladeshi supermarkets.

Gone are the days when you would deep fry the Bombay duck outside, the smell would be dreadful. I always sent my packets with my brother to fry at the restaurant when they did their stocks.

Fast forward. It’s now available in a ready made form, albeit in a jar, but none the less, convenient, all the additions included.
You just add a few extras and its ready.

You will either love or hate it…
but try and try it! 😍

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