Dry Turkey Bhuna

We all find ourselves in that position with excess leftover roast! I have to be honest, I choose to roast a larger joint than that required just so I can indulge in leftover haven!

Turkey bhuna is a Xmas Eve dish we revelled in as kids and turkey pakoras coming from a large family of cooks happy to take realm at the stove!

These days I’m too tired to cook on Xmas Eve following excessive glutony and sloth!
Plus, I look forward to second helpings of gravy dinner in evening again!
But Boxing day the mind starts stirring again for next food hit!

This bhuna is dry, hot and spicy!

Its got abundance of onion and garlic fried in oil, ghee and salt.
Whole spices to stir your senses.
Explosive amounts of scotch bonnets added for heat!
Chopped fresh tomatoes for a tart lightness.
A liberal sprinkling of cumin, chilli powder, tumeric and coriander cooked slowly and caramelised with roast meat swathed in spices.
Crushed dry methi and lots of black pepper to add depth.
Handful of green peppers and fresh coriander thrown in to finish off the dish.
And served with lots of love!

Xmas is never concluded without a leftover roast bhuna! This is my farewell to Xmas on a plate.

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