Jambura Satni (Pomelo salad)

Pomelo is just a small football size fruit, the largest citrus fruit and the ancestor of the grapefruit.
The grapefruit is a hybrid of the pomelo and the orange.
There are two varieties: a sweet kind with white flesh, and a sour kind with pinkish flesh.

Its often eaten with salt sprinkled or made into a savory aromatic exotic mix as below to eat or just on its own sprinkled usually in Asia with salt or some cases sugar.

In South Asia it’s made similar to below to have as a refreshing salad with food.

You can absolutely try with sweet grapefruit here! Give it a go, it’s extraordinary!

Couldn’t help myself.
Pomelo salad, the Bengali way!


I used half the white fleshed sweet Pomelo.
Peel and remove the segments, separate as much as possible.
Remove the transparent thin membranes.

Handful of fresh coriander chopped.
Fresh finely chopped chillies to taste.
Sprinkle of chilli powder
Half tsp of sugar
1 tsp of salt
Drizzle of mustard oil
And lastly roasted red dried chillies.

I left the dried chilli out today just out of sheer laziness as my mouth was watering!

Mix everything well but gently.
Adjust the heat to your palate.

Tuck in!
I made it to eat with Rohu Fish eggs but half of it’s disappeared🤣🤣

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