Salmon in Red Thai Curry

There is a pleasure in cooking things from scratch. But I find it gratifying to use short cuts, save time and also get maximum taste and flavour…
When your juggling work, school runs and kids this was just a super dish that works for whatever you have in your fridge and store cupboards.
I have used prawns, chicken both or just vegetables. It packs lots of flavour and does not compromise on taste…in fact it elevates it to another level.

Ingredients for Curry:

1 can of coconut milk
1 carrot thinly sliced
Bell peppers thinly sliced
3 green chillies slit
2 Pak Choi or Chinese cabbage
2 tbsp coconut oil or veg oil
Fish sauce
Kafir lime leaf
Clean salmon fillets
1 tsp chilli powder (optional)
Spring onions and fresh coriander for garnish.

I cheat with the red curry paste.
If I’m cooking after work I use a jar paste…my local Tesco’s but I use the whole jar.
I revamp it…
I use my magic bullet/blender…

Ingredients for Paste.
4 or 5 red chillies
Couple of kaffir lime leaves.
Lemon zest
Couple of garlic cloves
1cm peice ginger
Lemongrass if you have it
(I keep some frozen).


Tip the whole jar of red Thai paste into your blender…add all the above paste ingredients.
Blitz that and you will have a more punchy paste.

In your pan add some oil, I use coconut oil…heat slightly…add the paste…all of it. I add my chilli powder here, but thid is optional.
I cook this off till oil splits…adding splashes of water.
I then add a can of coconut milk…good stir and leave to simmer…

I thinly slice carrots…red bell peppers and pak choi.
I add to sauce and cook…till they are al dente.

To finish of sauce…
I add splash of fish sauce…couple of slit chillies and a few torn kaffir lime leaves.
Leave it to infuse with lid on.

Garnish with spring onions and fresh coriander.

Thats it…serve with rice and wedge of lemon‼️😊

Add your cleaned salmon.
Gently simmer till fish cooked.

Always buy extra Galangal, lemongrass, kafir leaves…chop galangal and keep in ziploc bag and in your freezer. It lasts and is great to use as needed so you are never without.

I don’t ever measure…go with eye…taste…😊

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