FLATTENED RICE / BEATEN RICE – Aval, Avalakki, Chiura, Chuda, Poha

Flattened rice is rice which is flattened into flat, light, dry flakes originating from the Indian subcontinent.
Rice is parboiled before flattening so that it can be consumed with very little to no cooking. These flakes of rice swell when added to liquid, whether hot or cold, as they absorb water, milk or any other liquids. The thickness of the flakes varies between almost translucently thin (the more expensive varieties) to nearly four times thinner than a normal rice grain. It is also called “beaten rice”.
It can be purchased thick, medium or thin flakes.

This is a very popular staple across India, Nepal and Bangladesh, and is normally used to prepare snacks or light and easy fast food in a variety of Indian cuisine styles.

I have served it up with 7 ingredients:
Plenty of whole dried birdseye chillies
Ginger minced
Fresh Chillies minced

I prefer to use the thick variety for this dish. It holds its shape better during the cooking/mixing stage.
The flattened rice is gently rinsed in cold water, drained then set aside to get fluffy/soft.

The dried chillies and lots of minced Ginger and fresh minced chillies are added to hot oil, gently cooked for few moments till they release their heady perfume. To this you add the peas, fresh or frozen, salt and this is cooked covered till the peas are cooked.

The flattened rice go in next.
Gently coat the flakes folding carefully so not to break up the flakes too much.
Once its well mixed add big knob of butter stir in and serve.

Accompany it with proteins or snack alone.
On a winter morning it gently warms you up, inside out.

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