Dim Bhaja

Sometimes you want a quick fix or to use up boiled eggs. This is my go to dish as its really quick, only needs very basic store cupboard ingredients and has abundant of taste!
Sliced chillies are a must and onions need to be soft and lightly fried. Its sure to be a family favourite.


3 boiled eggs. Cut into quarters or eighths.
2 onions cut into chunks and split.
3 or 4 green chillies slit
Half teaspoon tumeric powder
1 bayleaf
1 cinnamon stick.


Heat oil…add your cinnamon stick and bayleaf. Let it sizzle for few minutes. Add your onions and salt to taste.
Stir till its gone opaque…now add tumeric and fresh chillies.

Cook this till onions are soft and golden but not really brown and add eggs.

Toss the eggs and gently cook till eggs covered and onions are starting to go golden.

Take off heat…serve with rice and fresh green chilli to chomp on.

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