Ricecooker Mushroom Pulao

This cheats method is my go to for a quick 20 min prep to plate rice dish!

Its no fuss…just a liitle prep and rock n roll, you can go off and do whatever else you want and come back to a beautiful fluffy, aromatic delicious rice!

Measure your rice, rince and soak with your measured cooking water.

Prep your mushrooms into slices.
Slice an onion and plenty green chillies.
Fry whole spices…cardamom, cinnamon, bay and cloves. Add onions and plenty green chillies. When lighly browned…add to ricecooker.

To the ricecooker now stir in 1tsp salt and spoon of ghee!
Press start and voila…
Come back to a perfectly cooked fluffy pulao!

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