Shol Shutki Dried Shol Fish with Potato and Aubergines

The dried fish is similar to bombay duck but bit tougher and fleshier.

Soak the shol in hot water and clean when it’s slightly soft, just as in Bombay duck.
2 potatoes cut into small pieces
1 large aubergine cut into chunks
2 very large onions
Green chillies
About 7 cloves garlic
Chilli powder
Naga chilli if you want
Veg oil

I fry onions/ lots of green chillies with garlic, and salt till softened. Add splashes of water and cover/cook.

When softened add turmeric and chilli powder to taste. Cook this again adding splashes of water till oil splits.

Add the shutki and potatoes/aubergines. Stir this for a good while gently stirring. Now cook covered on low. Do not stir too much but keep adding water as required until the shol has softened a little, the vegetables are well cooked. You want a small amount of sauce in the dish, enough sauce to mix with rice but be sure the oil has started surfacing before taking of heat.

The potatoes will dry the dish a bit more off heat so bear that in mind.

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