Uri Beesi Shido (boiled Hyacinth bean seeds/flat bean seeds)

If you’re a Bengali, you will know and be grinning already.

This is a delight. It’s simple and tasty.
It’s comforting and nostalgic, for me anyway.

I used to see my parents eat this with gusto whenever we went back home. I mean truly indulge and at same time listen to their banter about how much chilli to add, how much ghee…
Fresh uri beesi was not readily available in Uk in 70’s 80’s or 90’s.
You got it dried, you had to boil and individually pop the skins off when you did!

Roll on: in the last 2 decades it has been widely available frozen and skinned. I ain’t complaining because my mum and I spent many days watching Zee Tv digging into our Uri beesi shido.
Bowl full of hot uri beesi with lashings of ghee, fragrant hot minced chilli and tossed with salt.
It’s a shame my dad never got to join us and enjoy it in UK as much.

It’s a lovely snack, reminiscent of blue skies, fields, wood fire, smoke, green chillies, desi ghee and my mum & dad.

Photo courtesy: with 80’s bowl!

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