Mintex Spice Mix

I was looking through some of my earlier rescipes and found this home printed label!
It flooded me with memories.
22yr old memories!
I had to share.

I think it has a place here as it could serve newbie young adults setting of in new jobs/ careers and Uni students with a basic spice mix to help on their curry cooking journey at Uni!

My nephew is a father of two now! He has a talented wife who makes him an array of dishes. But there was a time and Dey (excuse the pun, it’s our surname!) when this young man was starting on his journey to a new job/career in London…a long way from home.

He was raised in an environment surrounded by a foodie family. His mum would make the most amazing chicken curries at home.
Our hearts broke, how would he manage without home cooked chicken curry? This young Bengali mans staple!

So for his first Xmas, when he was away from home I made this spice blend. His Kaka/uncle, my hubby printed these labels and there that day, 22 yrs ago we christened Mintex Spice Mix.
Don’t ask about the name…that’s another story! I remember putting in a little bag on top of spices inside the jar some Bengali gharam masala to sprinkle on top for last minute garnish!
I gave it to him for that Xmas.

Fast forward 22yrs, I found a label and his masala blend ratios!

I give you Mintex Spice Mix in all its simplicity and glory and a glimpse of the label with method that was stuck on the Jar!

I like to think lots of other young people setting off in new ventures or Uni freshers might be able to benefit from some homemade spice mix to cook home food when setting out to write a new independent chapter in their lives!


Recipe per pound half a pound of chicken, lamb, fish, prawns or eggs
3 teaspoons of Mintex spice mix
one onion- chopped fine
one teaspoon of garam masala that is in the small bag.
4 cloves of garlic chopped
5 tablespoons of oil
1 inch piece of ginger chopped
5 tablespoons of water
3 teaspoons of salt
coriander tomatoes for garnish


Fry chopped onions garlic and ginger in oil with salt when soft and golden brown add 4tbsp water and the mintex spice mix and cook further untill the spice splits from the oil.
Add the chicken etc and stir well leave covered and cook till the meat is tender and add water if required to preference. Add tomatoes and simmer till the oil surfaces and splits in the curry. Add garam masala just before you finish. Garnish with fresh coriander if desired.

MINTEX Spice Mix ratio

I used measuring half cup

5 x  half cup cumin powder
3 x  half cup dhaniya powder
2 x  half cup haldi powder
1 x  half cup chilli powder
1 x  half cup paprika powder

Bengali Gharam masala is mix of cardamom and cinnamon ground into powder.

Ratio cardamom : cinnamon 1:2

May it resurface from the annals of history!

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