Bhaja Bhoras

Crispy Tempura Style Veg Fries.

Bhaja bhoras are usually served as a first course in Bengali dining…accompanied with dal and veg dishes.

Quite often this can be exquisite when you have a grand selection of Bhoras!
Its a favourite in many households and can cater for many palates due to abundance of veg that can be made into Bhaja bhoras.

A crispy batter is key.
A good serving of Dal and Bhaja bhora is all you will need for a thoroughly fulfilling Bengali meal.

A Bengali home will always welcome you to a place at their table even if they can’t indulge you with a feast you will never leave with an empty stomach. Even the poorest will offer you the humble ‘Dal vaath’.

Recipes below:

Dhaniya bhoras

Two bunches of fresh coriander
The roots removed but leave stem
Now wash them thoroughly in a bowl of cold water rinse out a number of times to remove any grit.
Now take a bowl and place a sieve on top in order to make the batter.
Add to your seive
1 cup of Self Raising flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
Half a teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 teaspoon coriander powder
Sieve all the ingredients through to remove any lumps and then mix with very cold ice water slowly to make a nice smooth batter.
You can add a teaspoon of nigella seeds but this is optional.
Hold a few stems of coriander together to make small bunches, dip into the main the batter . 
Shallow fry on medium temperature.
Make sure the oil is very hot and remove the access batter of your bunches before placing in the shallow frying pan. Now reduce the heat to medium and let your bunch cook on one side before you turn them over to cook on medium/low heat on the other side.
Continue to fry the remainder of your coriander in little batches.

 Aubergine/Begun bhoras

1 large Aubergine washed whole.
1 cup of Self Raising flour
Half teaspoon salt
Half tsp sugar
1 teaspoon nigella seeds
1 teaspoon of turmeric
1 teaspoon chili flakes
Quarter cup of poppy seeds or sesame white seeds.

Combine all the batter ingredients together.
Now add water slowly till you have a batter that’s thick and coats your fingers. Set aside.

Slice your aubergines into circles about half inch width.

Dip into batter and shallow or deep fry as above. Steady heat will make them crispy but also keep them crispy.
Drain with slotted spoon and remove.

Pudina/Mint bhoras

Bunch of Mint with leaves picked off.
Wash your mint leaves thoroughly. Do not shake the water of. Place in bowl.
Add pinch of salt
Half tsp of turmeric
Half tsp chilli flakes
Add self raising flour slowly mixing gently with your hand untill you have the flour getting sticky and sticking to leaves.

Gather small bunches into your hand and fry.
You can shallow or deep fry till crispy.

Aloo/potato bhora.

Peel your potatoes and place in microwave and cook till almost done.
You can steam or boil but I prefer tis method as no water residue.

1 cup of Self Raising flour
Half teaspoon salt
Half tsp sugar
1 teaspoon nigella seeds
1 teaspoon of turmeric
1 teaspoon chili flakes
1 tsp dried methi leaves or fresh coriander chopped.

I sometimes add half teaspoon of crushed coriander seeds.

Slice potatoes into half cm width slices and as above mix the batter, dip your potato slices into batter and fry as above.

You can use the above batter to pretty much do any bhoras you like.

Butternut squash slices.
Bobby beans
Broccoli florets
Cauliflower florets
Bullet chillis
Onion rings or wedges
Bell peppers sliced
Courgette flowers
And all the bengali vegetables.

See lets talk about Veg page!

Its whatever you have or like!

Bhaja Bhoras always have a place accompanied with dhal. Serve with hot dhal and with some plain rice and drizzle of desi ghee or just on its own!

Dress your plate with customary wedge of lemon and green chilli.

Step by step pics making Leek Bhoras

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