Aloo and Dim Shidho

Aloo shido is one of the most simplistic Bengali comfort food yet it entails a tiny little prep if you want to go all out!

Aloo shidho means steamed potatoes, and it’s garnished with mustard oil and green chillies. It’s not a ceremonial dish, but it’s hearty, filling and easy to make. Aloo shido bhat is a classic Bengali preparation.

When your sometimes indulged out or just wanting a one dish wonder, this ticks all the boxes!


1 potato per person, peeled.

Optional ingredients:
1-2 tbsp of finely chopped shallot
1-2 tbsp desi ghee
2 Finely chopped fresh chillies
Fried dried red chillies to taste
Mustard oil
Mustard cream


Boil the potatoes in any way you like, either in a regular stove, pressure cooker or a microwave. Some people put it directly in the rice while it is being cooked.
I like to steam.

Put the potatoes in a pan or microwave with salt and cook. Check to see if they’re soft, as different microwaves have different power levels.

Drain and leave them to cool.

Meanwhile, finely chop the green chilies and shallots.
Mash them with a fork, spoon or a potato masher.
Add mustard oil, chopped green chillies, shallots, salt and ghee and mash it all together.

Other ingredients are to taste.

If like me you like heat, fry some dried red chillies and break those in to your taste.

There you have the most spectacular humble meal.

If you want to push the boat out, try aloo DIm shidho which simply equates to a boiled egg mashed into your potato shidho too!

Serve with piping hot rice and some extra fried red chillies and green chillies on the side. I always add an extra drizzle of pure desi ghee…just to be naughty…😍

You can’t go wrong with that!

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