The Herb and Spice Emporium.

I need to share this with everyone!
I found my Aladins Spice Cave!

Browsing on Facebook I kept coming across The Herb and Spice Emporium.
There are so many spices and herbs from accross the world! There was huge whole dried chillies and spice powders galore!
I was like a kid in a sweet shop…these were my treats!

It was a shop for foodies and cooks, they stock almost everything. Seeds, spices, herbs, botanicals, medicinal herbs, teas, petals, resins, chillies, and dried berries. They stock over 600 herbs, spices and blends!

I was enthralled with the sheer selection and each time I found the page I’m thinking, ‘I’m getting this’, ‘gosh what I could do with that’, wow ‘how would that taste?’.

I was intrigued and impressed with his spice boxes, spice kits and his spice Dabbas and thought how amazing to be able to order custom made Dabba/spice kits with starter kits of essential spices! All the basics you would need carefully selected, packaged and delivered!

I kept thinking I wish I had known about this or seen this when my older two girls had gone to Uni I would have got them the quaint kits!
They come with airtight lids…Dhabba’s don’t have lids on individual pots, so no chance of spillage or losing the quality and deteriorating spices during Uni life!

And then I got a response from The Herb and Spice Emporium about my blog post on Essential Tricks of the Trade! A post about all the spices you need to start your curry journey.

Simultaneously Dave Hudson, the man behind The herb and Spice Emporium was trying some of my blog recipes and commented on how much he enjoyed them.

Well since Dave has learnt of my passion for cooking and spices! My facination with all the wonderful unusual and rare spices, herbs and select products and he has them!

I thought I will order some goodies, treat myself and being in lockdown they will come home to me…zero effort…maximum gain.

Low and behold I recieved a delivery! The most amazing little gift and surprise! A quaint little spice box with lids!
And some beautiful spices to cook and create with!

I can’t wait to use those spices, I’m buzzing with dishes to try with them! Its such a beautiful gesture and I know I will have pleasure cooking with them and you will all have the same pleasure enjoying the recipes created with them.

Check out the site…there is so much.
Enjoy the luxury of shopping from home. I am.

I’ve asked Dave to provide me with some details on the spice Dabba’s and Boxes.

Start your cooking journey with a spice Dabba…it’s such an important kit with curry cooking. Its convenient and houses the essential spices to make any curry.

You need to start with the basics and these can be put together for you by Herb and Spice Emporium and posted to your home.

Even better have your themed boxes. A great way to organise your spices for all international cuisine.

I’m planning on creating a middle Eastern spice box! I know where I’m shopping!

Please have a look at his Facebook page.

The Herb and Spice Emporium

So many exotic herbs and spices you need to cook, all gathered in one place. They have got absolutely everything!

The herb and spice emporium unit 22. Eagle Centre market. Derby. De1 2az

Contact No: 07830714741

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