Onion, Tomato and Cucumber Salad

This is the simplest and easiest salad to rustle up with minimal ingredients in a few minutes and is also without fail our most frequent go to recipe.

Whenever we have a meat or chicken dish and we want a no effort but very quick refreshing and mouth tingling salad this is the one that both me and my hubby put together to have with our meal.

We can often go through a plate of this salad whilst having our meal because it is so tasty and definitely one that tickles your taste buds.


1 small red onion sliced.

Half a cucumber sliced in rounds.

1 large tomato sliced again in rounds.


It literally consists of thin slices of all the above. Place the slices on a plate fanned out so that they are exposed. Simply sprinkle some salt and chilli powder on top of the slices.

Leave it standing for a few minutes and there you have a simple, crunchy, spicy salad which has taken you no time at all to prepare to indulge with your food.

I know you will make this repeatedly!

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