Ilish Macher Dim Bhora

Ilish fish eggs are highly coveted and desired by Bengalis. With the recent decline in the ever popular Ilish fish population its availability and diminishing numbers has also seen an impact on its quality and quantity. In the recent years the Ilish fish does not have the same abundance of its characteristic oil or its unique strong flavour and aroma as in the previous decades.

It is still ever popular and the rising costs have meant that it is not so readily available as in previous decades . Nothing is wasted when preparing Ilish fish, it is eaten nose to tail.

Ilish eggs still remain very popular and are cooked in many ways with many accompaniments, in many styles of cuisine and curries.

Ilish fish egg bhoras taste wonderful with the additions of the fresh spices and ingredients which make them dainty little snacks. But eggs are cooked compact in curries too.

Below is the recipe for the bhoras I particularly enjoy!


100g of Ilish fish eggs 1 tsp Chilli powder ½ tsp turmeric powder ½ tsp salt 4 fresh green chilies finely chopped 1 small onion finely sliced and chopped. Vegetable oil for shallow frying.


Firstly clean the fish eggs gently using cold water so as not to break the membrane holding the eggs together. I used the fish eggs from one whole Ilish fish that I used. Approximately 100g yield.

Place all the above ingredients in a bowl and go in there with your fingers breaking up the fish eggs and mix everything up together.

Your mixture should resemble almost a sloppy batter consistency.

Heat your frying pan and to this add your vegetable oil and heat until it’s hot. Once you’ve got it to a very good heat reduce it to medium. Now using a tablespoon drop in spoon full of your mixture into the oil. You will notice soon as you put it in it becomes firm.

Continue to add spoonfulls of the batter into the pan until you have filled your pan.

Now gently fry them until they set. Next flip them over with a spatula and let them firm for on the other side.

Fry them on a gentle heat until they reach a caramel colour and then remove with slotted spoon onto a dish.

Let them stand for a few minutes then serve them either to accompany your main meal or as little snacks.

I tend to serve them with fried Ilsih fish with onions.

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