Spicy Omelette with Toast

This is our childhood on a plate!
Me and my siblings, coming home from school, this would be our snack untill our evening meal around 7.30pm!

Its a simple omelette, not like the masala omelette’s with spices. This has a light freshness. Each bite delivers a little taste of onion and then occasionally fresh chillies.
This recipe lets you enjoy the individual ingredients…we have always made our Omelette like this.

Its delightful, reminiscent of many days sat at the dining table, swinging our legs and reveling in being back home after the day at school.

Nothing beat mum serving these up, our mouths greasy from buttered toast and food that was a culmination of East meeting West. Food jazzed up with everyday larder ingredients that elevates a simple omelette into something so special that it never bored us.

In the 70’s, days before ready made samosas, spring rolls etc if we had unexpected guests, my mum would make these omelette’s, gently roll them over and serve them as a snack. Bengali homes don’t serve just biscuits, cakes and tea…they serve a savoury dish then biscuits, cakes and tea!

40 plus years later…I still sit and enjoy an omelette in toast and tell my family about our afterschool snacks…everytime!


6 eggs beaten
1 small onion finely chopped
5 green chillies chopped
2 tbsp fresh coriander
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black powder 2 tbsp veg oil

Hot buttered toast on the ready.
2 Omelettes from mixture below will serve 4


Add all the ingredients to the beaten eggs and beat this together well again.

In a non stick frying pan add half your egg mixture.
Gently stir the centre parts until its starting to set. Cover with lid and let it fully set on med low heat.

Uncover, raise your lid, and flip the omelette over.
Cover for a minute on low heat and split in half. Fold the half and remove.

Serve as it is with a leafy salad or as we had as kids.
In between two slices of well buttered white bread and cut into diagonals!

Serve with ketchup…if you really must!
I have never needed it. Ever.

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