Glutinous rice cooked in the Microwave. Biroin Bhat.

Glutinous Rice
Bengalis call Biroin Bhat

Biroin Bhat is a type of glutinous rice. Biroin Chaul, chaul being the Bengali word for rice, is an organic rice  cultivated in many parts of Bengal and Asia.

It’s a special popular dish of Bengali states so in sylheti language it is called “Biroin bhat”. In West Bengal it’s known as ‘Binni rice’.

There is a special type of red and white sticky aromatic Biroin Rice found only in the Sylhet region and many areas of Assam.

Aromatic pink biroin chaul
Long grain biroin chaul

It is the main ingredients for Chunga Pitha, a traditional rice cake in the Sylhet region smoked in bamboo.

Biroin Bhat has a beautiful aroma, similar to Basmati rice. The difference is that Biroin rice stick together and normal basmati doesn’t.

Plain rice is usually prepared alongside Biroin rice and other side dishes are also prepared that they can be eaten with both rice.

This aromatic biroin chaul is eaten with dishes such as tempura style vegetables, crispy fried fish, kheer, meat, date molasses or simply with pure butter ghee, salt and a chilli!

So one can conclude that one can have anything fried or non-gravy dish with this biroin rice. I grew up calling it sticky rice as do my girls even now.

I served two options today…for me and hubby, queen of fish, Fried Ilish Mach with fish eggs.

My girls had aubergines and potatoes in crispy batter and sesame fritters with customary ghee!

I cooked the white glutinous rice today.
Its something you need to try at least once in your lifetime!

Measurements using measuring cup.

4 cups Glutinous rice
3 cups water
1/2 tsp salt
50g water

Rinse the rice well in a few changes of water.

Place in microwave dish and 3 cups of cold water and let soak for a few hours…

Add butter, salt and cover with tight lid.

I cooked this in my microwave for 15mins and let it sit for about 5 mins before uncovering.

Gently mix up. Your rice shoulc be cooked through and sticky.

Serve with either bhaja Bhoras with desi or home made ghee

Aubergine bhora, Potato bhora
and sesame bhoras.
Biroin Bhat in the left with customary
desi ghee on right

Or with classic Ilish Mach bhaja with drizzle of the seasoned and spiced oil on the rice that the fish was fried in. Thats Bengal on a plate for you!

Biroin bhat, Ilish acher dim bhora and Ilish macher bhaja
A classic meal
Bengal on a plate!


I rarely cook Biroin bhat on the stove, its easier, swift, no mess and quicker this way and my preferred method although it can be cooked via the absorption method. I just feel life is to short to consider all the factors for that!

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