Savoury Rock Cakes

Gammon, onion, and chilli rock cakes
Done in under an hour!

Nothing much to say other than using up gammon, ham or bacon. Lots of green chillies and the ultimate strong cheese! Mixed with onion and seasoning!

No matter who bites into them, they pause mid conversation to say “ooh these are lovely.” I take that as a compliment 😍

Do try them, I promise they are moreish, you will not be disappointed. We love them and they are not taxing…

What you will need:

I got 42 rock cakes but you’ll eat 10 if you don’t stop youself!

Prepped and ready


450g of wholemeal flour or self raising flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ground pepper
200g of margarine/butter
200g of cheese
3 tbsp chilli flakes
6 green chillies minced
1 med onion finely minced
10 rashers of bacon or 150g cooked gammon, chopped small or ideally minced
2 eggs well beaten
1/2 cup milk


Cut the bacon into small pieces and cook in the microwave with the onions for approximately five minutes to take out rawness. If you’re using cooked gammon just cook the onions with 1 tsp of oil in microwave. Just make sure to cool before adding onion to mixture.

Minced in mini food processor
Onion minced and cooked
with oil in microwave

Sift the flour into a bowl.

Then add in salt and pepper and chilli flakes.

Add the margarine/butter in pieces and rub to breadcrumbs.

Stir into the breadcrumbs the cheese, onion, chillies and bacon. 

Mix well to combine with spoon.

Add your eggs and the milk slowly. Mix to a stiff rough dough.

Gently stir and mix
Rough dough

Place mounds on a well greased baking sheet.

Grease proof paper lined baking tray
Little spoonfuls

Bake at one 90°C, Bass Mark five for 20 minutes until firm and golden.

All done

Cool on a wire and serve.

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