Whole Spiced Lamb Raan

Whole spiced lamb raan
Spiced with a simple marinade
Tender melt in the mouth lamb
Raan means leg
Aromatic and full taste
Roasted sweet peppers, garlic, onions and roast turmeric potaotoes

We love a good old roast Lamb and I’m no different. Only thing is I don’t particularly like the lamb smell. It’s always been off putting for me.
To address this I always buy a mutton Raan from the asian butcher’s and marinade it for 48hrs which helps tenderise the meat. I find the meat tastier and has more flavour.

When we get lamb, I prefer a potent marinade. The mutton is usually herby/green marinade. The lamb is more spicy!

I use whole spices, ground and garlic paste used as a rub. I make incisions and insert garlic slices into the meat.

The aroma wafting from the kitchen is unbelievable. And the best bit…it does not need any finishing off in the oven!

As it cooks the flavour of the spices is absorbed into the meat. Don’t roast the spices…it will cook in the oven releasing its oils into the meat.

And by gosh the jus you will get is pretty spectacular! It was like spice laced creamy bone marrow glossing the meat.

I kid you not…the taste is amazing!
Oh and I can’t do rare lamb. Its med to welldone. Just can’t do it but however you choose to cook it…make it, you will not regret it!

Simple spices


2 cinnamon sticks
2 blades of mace
5 cardamoms
1 tbsp coriander seeds   
1 tsp peppercorns                                 
4 cloves
1 tbsp cumin seeds
3 tbsp chilli flakes 
6 cloves of garlic blended to paste
3 cloves garlic cut into slices.
1 tsp salt

You can adjust chilli flakes to your taste but end result its not really very chilli hot.


Clean and pat dry the lamb joint.
Make deep incisions with a large knife all over…specially in the fleshy area.

Grind the whole spices to a powder.

Gather spices
Make deep incisions

Add the salt, chilli flakes and garlic paste together and mix well.

Apply the marinade all over and push into the incisions. Make sure it well covered.

Coat well with spices and deep into incisions
Let it stand for while

Now insert the garlic slices and push deep into the incisions.

I marinated the joint the day before.

Cover with foil and place in oven at 180 deg for 2 hours.
Adjust to size and weight and how you like your lamb.
Baste every 30 mins gently.

Cook for 2 hours covered
Let it rest
Do not brown or grill or it will ruin the spice coating
Absolutely packed with flavour

After your cooking time, baste check and let it rest. I do not cook it anymore to brown as its already just perfectly browned and I dont want to burn or change the flavour of the spices.
It has already developed and to grill or brown will ruin the flavours and taste!


Serve! Its amazing!

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