My Thai Red Curry With Prawns.

Thai red prawn curry
Served with Jasmine rice

This Thai red curry is using my homemade red curry paste.

Whenever I make thai curries from scratch with fresh ingredients the aroma in the kitchen is amazing!

Its the shrimp paste that makes it! Absolutely!

As much as I like the convenience of jar pastes occasionally, there is nothing more satisfying than making fresh curry paste! I love strolling through my local Chinese supermarket ogling the fresh aromats and produce!

When you have the ingredients at hand its even more rewarding putting it all together to make the paste from scratch.

There was a time I enjoyed the whole pestle and mortar workout…I grated or finely minced ingredients then finished it in the mortar as the natural bruised oils are something else!

Nowadays I struggle with shoulder and elbow ailments so the Nutri Bullet it is!

I knew this paste is good when hubby told me eating his curry that it reminded him of my favourite Thai dish at my favourite Thai Restaurant.

It gets the seal of approval from my girls too so its a family winner!

I’m sharing it…you can add whatever additions you like. I used prawns and an assortment of veg from the fridge.

As for the colour I have never been able to fathom how people get the intense red colour, mine have never been deep in colour! I can only imagine food colouring or camera filters but mine are usually a salmon colour with coconut milk addition and this despite the red spices! But hey the taste makes up for easthetics!

Don’t rush the cooking process though, let the sauce fry just for few minutes, don’t over fry as you will change the flavour profile. When you add the coconut milk let it simmer slowly and gently. Wait for the oils to be released and surface. You will capture the best from your paste that way.

My one request, please make this paste with all the ingredients as you will not enjoy it as it should be and it will compromise with the integrity of the dish.

Give it a go…its really flavoursome!

Link to: How to make my Thai Red Curry Paste


5 tbsp (or more) of My Thai Curry Paste 
300g prawns
1/4 cup oil
1 large carrot finely sliced
1 pkt mangetout
Half cup frozen peas
6 mushrooms sliced
1 can coconut milk
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar

2 spring onions sliced
4 red or green chillies
Handful fresh coriander for garnish
1 lemon or lime wedges

Prep the vegetables
you can use whatever you like
I used what I found in my fridge to use up!
Red Curry Paste I make whenever I source fresh aromatic ingredients and both freeze and cook with immediately whilst vibrant and really zingy fresh


Heat your oil in wok or karai
Heat the paste for couple of minutes, just till oil is splitting
Add salt
Add vegetables
Add kafir lime leaves
Just gently mix to cover well
Add the coconut milk
Sugar, just a small amount to balance salt, lemon and salt
Prawns go in and you cook this till carrots are just done
Add squeeze of lemon juice
Garnish with fresh coriander
Sprinkle the spring onions and green chillies
You are ready to serve!

Serve with steaming hot boiled plain or Jasmine rice and a wedge of lemon. I sprinkled a little Thai red chilli powder I made from summer chilies I grew…

Here is Kaeng Phet


I often use creamed coconut as a preference as I find it is more original than some of the slimy canned coconut milk. I add half a bar cut lengthwise to get both cream and coconut and mix this with milk. But its entirely up to you what you prefer!

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