Wrap Around Omelette

Wrap around omelette

Eggy bread meets the omelette…no better to describe this yummy breakfast or quick lunch!

Moist and bursting with flavour
with each mouth full

Imagine a slice of bread, wrapped in a spicy, aromatic omelette, soft pillow of chillies, onions and fresh coriander. each mouthful bursting with taste and flavour. Don’t imagine it. Make it.

All the usual suspects, just cooked in a way that once you have tried, you will be making this always!

I love lots of chillies and onions, chuck in some seasoning and voila, a delicious 15mins dish.

Make it, taste it and thank me later👌😉


Usual omelette suspects!
Chopped and ready to play their part

2 eggs
Finely sliced onion as much as you like
3 fresh chillies or less chopped 
A fistful of fresh coriander chopped
Chilli flakes
1 slice of bread
4 curry leaves minced. Optional,
only as I had some!


Combine eggs and all other ingredients together in a bowl and mix in really well.

Drizzle oil in a frying pan on med heat.

Pour 1/3 off egg mixture into pan.

Place your slice of bread in the middle.

Now pour rest around side and some on top of the bread.

Next using a palette knife fold the sides over and press down. It should be covering your bread.

Do it while eggs still wet
Gently press down

Gently using fish slice turnbover.

Leave for a couple of minutes. Switch heat off.


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