Macher Dim Bora Rohu Roe Boras

Rohu dim bora
Rohu fish egg bora
Little flavoursome crispy morsels

Rohu macher dim bora, or to be precise Rohu fish eggs/roe. There is so much you can yield from fish! They are very giving in terms of what you can do with all its parts!

Bengali are very resourceful in that respect. We eat the fish tip to tail and one such yield is good old roe!

There can be an abundance of fish roe in some of the huge fish caught. These roe are cooked and used in many ways!

I like these spicy boras. Lots of onions, fresh chillies and a little spice. Off you go…little delights.

You can make them with any fish eggs! All I say is make them!


1 med onion thinly sliced
3 green chillies finely minced
1 tsp salt
1 tsp chilli powder
2 tsp chilli flakes
Quarter cup fresh dhaniya finely chopped

Rohu fish eggs
Purchased frozen and defrosted overnight in fridge
All ingredients added and combined well bruising onions
A tablespoonfull added to med hot oil
Gently fried
Turned over only when well set
Finished off-fried on other side till crispy and cooked through
Served with wedge of lemon
Garnished with coriander
Great snack with drinks or cooked in a curry!

I love serving mine with Dal bhat!

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