Moong Lentil Paratha Moong Dal Diye Paratha

Moong Dal Parathas
Served with Chilli pickle
Light and crispy
Filling and satisfying

Moong dal parathas are amazing filling and hearty flat breads that are cooked in butter or oil and often have a flaky texture to them. I have used moong dal in this recipe that is an ideal lunch or brunch.
Using a combination of spices and soaked moong dal which give it a crispy bite and spicy flavour.

I soaked a cupful of moong dal the night before having given it a thorough rinse.

In the morning I rinsed it out again and then left the moong to drain. A short while later I spread them all out a little more to help them dry.

This recipe is more or less like making the usual standard paratha the only difference being that you will incorporate some spices and some fresh ingredients to give it a more hearty taste.

The ingredients are your general household larder ingredients but I just wanted to show case how panch puran masala powder can be used in a variety of ways like in this recipe!


Fresh ingredients

3 Cups of plain flour
1/2 cup of moong dal
1 med onion finely minced
5 green chillies minced
Half cup fresh coriander chopped
2 tbsp chilli flakes
1 tbp gharam masala
1 tbsp panch puran powder
2 tsp salt
1 tsp chilli powder
1/2 tsp hing/Asafoetida


Rinse well and soak the moong dal overnight.

Rinsed, soaked overnight

Next day, rinse the dal again and let it drain in a seive or colander. Part way spread them to aid drying.

Move them around

Now add the moong dal to a bowl.

Moong dal and flour

Add 2 cups of the flour and all your ingredients.

Fresh ingredients go in

Stir this well till its fully incorporated.

Mixed well
Panch puran masala
Mixed well

Now gently add water and bring together to make a dry dough ball.
Bear in mind that due to fresh ingredients this dough will feel often a little sticky as the water continues to be released from onions etc.

Add water slower
Stir in

Knead the dough for about 5 mins adding flour as required.

Bind together to form a dough

Now make a ball…use some oil to gently pat on the surface and cover with damp cloth. Set aside for at least 30mins.

Knead for 5 mins
Rest for at least 30mins

After the rested time, next take out your dough and knead again adding flour if required.

Should be soft and bouncy
Knead for further 5 mins

Do this for about 5 mins.

Form a ball and precced to making 8 further balls to roll into parathas

Now using left over flour roll out about 8 balls. Proceed to make flat parathas. Use flour as required.

In a heated frying pan or tawa(I prefer frying pan), add some oil and wee bit butter.

Heated pan add drizxle of oil
Add drizzle of oil on top of paratha
Flip over add knob of butter

Place your paratha and gently fry…both sides taking your time untill you see little charring.

Gently fry flipping over
Fry till cooked through

You do not want them getting too crispy and hard just cooked through with a slight crisp to them.

Little charred spots

Remove and place on a plate. Butter if you wish. Cover with loose piece of foil.

Stack up when cooked
Butter if you wish and cover

Once you have cooked your paratha serve with yogurt, pickle or achar.


If you don’t have lentils you can make without and have delicious parathas just with fresh ingredients and spices!

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