Ek Shido Bhat

Ek Shido Bhat

This is a funny one! Many Bengali will know this comfort dish!

Its baby food, a first weaning food.
Its what your mummy made if you were poorly.
Its what you had if you had stomach flu.
Its what you have after indulging in spice and chilli.
Sometimes its just what you have because you simply want to and its the most comforting plate of food!

There is really no recipe just a mix of your fave veg, singular or medley.

Simply boiled in water…just enough to emerse the veg. Salted water. You want a little water as it will dry up.
When its soft, really soft, lashings of butter stirred in.

If you really want to go East and desi then butter ghee…
Have it with crushrd fried dried chilli.
Have it with mustard oil
Have it with minced onion Have it with chopped green chillies
I’m having it with Colmans mustard cream.
Mix it real good.
Mash it up proper.
Eat it with a spoon. Hot!

Mixed with hot rice, loads of it. More butter, more salt. You keep tasting and adjusting untill you get that perfect mouthful.

A green chilli to munch on and there you have it.

It reminds me of mummy, soothing moments, childhood memories, Sunday lunches, melting butter, glistening rice, greasy lips and home!

So much in a plate of food…yet so little in effort!

Was lovely revisiting those days.

Veg of choice
Boiled real soft
Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and potatoes
Couple of green chillies
Add knobs of butter
Melted and drizzling
On hot rice
Served with butter dollop and mustard cream

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