Jerk Style Chicken In A Yogurt Sauce

Jerk style chicken in yogurt sauce
Spicy but in a creamy and tangy sauce
Served with rice and peas
Dotted with customary scotch bonnet
Jerk style chicken and jackfruit
Served with Rice and Peas

Jerk inspired chicken or green jackfruit.
Rice and peas infused with coconut milk, scallions, all spice and customary scotch bonnet.

I came across this paste by chance when I worked across a local Asian corner shop that catered for the local African Caribbean community. He stocked everything…salt fish, Ackee, Calaloo, yams and bonnets amongst all the curry paties and spices.

I would buy yam and traditional Bengali type pumpkin.

I think he became intrigued when I bought salt fish, ackee and scotch bonnets!
We got talking and I asked him if the jerk paste was good as fresh paste. He recommended it if I like hot food.

That was 28 yrs ago! I have enjoyed it since and so have many family and friends who then were introduced to this wonderful paste and marinade!

It was a regular weekend treat, always chicken wings, on Bbq or grilled but we never bored!

I even took 4 jars to India/Bangladesh in my suitcase in 1996. It was eaten on a BBQ and absolutely devoured!

Every family event had jerk wings! Its readily available in all supermarkets now but its definitely a pantry staple for me.
There was a time I would have loads jars stashed as we had jerk with every protein!

This recipe came about because of all the marinade we had left. So I decided to cook it off in pan, reduce it and cook off the liquid! What was left was delicious. Don’t add too much salt, as the sauce reduces the salt can be intense.

The sauce became so popular that I would then bake it in the oven in the marinade so we had that loveliness to eat with rice and peas as a full meal. To this day its a special meal, a little of my children’s childhood in each jar I open.

I used both chicken and green jackfruit in this recipe.


1 can of coconut milk
4 spring onions whole, bruised.
1 scotch bonnet – punctured.
1 tsp Allspice
1 tsp salt
Pinch of thyme
3 garlic cloves bruised
1 can kidney beans…liquid included.
Washed Rice

I use the rice cooker for my rice so I measure out rice I wish to use which I rinse and soak.

In a pan on stove I add the can of kidney beans including liquid, thyme, allspice, 4 of the spring onions bruised, 3 cloves of garlic bruised, scotch bonnet pierced thorough but left whole.

Add measured can of coconut milk and water combined that you would use for your amount of rice into the pan on the stove. Season with a plenty of salt and black pepper.

Bring up to a gentle simmer let this infuse for about 5 mins on low heat… then let it stand to infuse further till cooled.

Next transfer the contents to the rice cooker…add washed rice and let it cook stirring once half way.

For the Jerk chicken:

6 boneless chicken thighs cut into 2 inch piece or 12 chicken wings
1 tin green Jackfruit
4 tbsp jerk paste
2 cups full fat yogurt
Pinch of salt and lots of pepper
3 tbsp Oil

For Jerk I use jar of Dunns River or Walkerwood Jerk paste.
Morrisons do them…I don’t use any of others as these are the best and I have used them for years.

Its very hot so I use about 4tbsp mixed with thick greek yogurt and oil.
Mix well and add just pinch salt as it will get saltier when cooked.
If you wish add more or less paste to your palate.
Marinade your chicken for as long as you can…overnight is great.

Place chicken and all the marinade in a baking dish and cook in middle of oven.

Baste often to ensure even cooking.
You want to cook the chicken through but have a sauce that will split in the cooking process. That helps the yogurt and spices cook out. Its a spicy sauce which balances the rice.
I like to keep it saucy to accompany the rice.

When chicken is done serve with the rice and peas.


You can use fish or meat alternatives like quorn chunks, steaks, jackfruit or banana blossom.

If you feel your sauce needs to cook a little more. Remove the chicken/proteins and finish off cooking more on stove or oven. It should be a thickish creamy sauce.

You can cook the rice on stove top by using the absorption method. Measure out your water, add ingredients and bring to boil. Add rice cook for five minutes, switch off and let it finish covered by steam. Trick to Cooking Rice The Absorption Method

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