Spicy Mash Toppers

Golden crust on the Spicy Mash Toppers
Scrumptious spicy mash

Spicy Mash Toppers, you need to try these.

Get it used up!

Your left over mash!

Add some spices, fresh chillies and coriander and you have yourself a mouth tingling spicy slice of bread heaven. Its called my spicy mash topper as its topped with some flavoursome mash potatoes.

I’m warning you, its moreish so make loads!

If your like me…grab some frozen mash and sort yourself out! I had a portion leftover as my daughter ate out, so her mash was beckoning me! Try this spicy mash topper!

You will thank me later!


Cup full left over mash.
Pinch of turmeric
1/2 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp chat masala
Pinch of salt
2 green chillies finely chopped
3 tbsp fresh coriander
Green of 1 spring onion.
2 slices of bread


Left over mash

Mix the powdered spices in.

In go spices

Now add your fresh green aromats. Mix this all in very well.

In go green ingredients

Spread the mash on the slices of bread. Press down with a little gentle pressure. No more than a 1cm thick layer. Sprinkle a bit of chilli flakes…like I do!

Spread the mash on

Now take a non stick frying pan. Add a wee bit of oil then butter.

Take your sliced bread and place potato side down.

Place on a buttered pan for a good few minutes.

Leave on low heat as it will form a lovely crust. About 3 to 4 minutes.

Spices toast up nicely

Turn over and add a little more butter. Let the bread crisp up underneath.

Now gently using fish slice turn over again just to warm through.

Take of the pan and serve.

I served mine with homemade reaper and mango sauce! 🥭

Served with my homemade
reaper and mango sauce

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