Naga/Superhot Pepper Pickle

Home Grown Naga made into Naga Pickle
Picked when ripe
Moruga Scorpions

My homegrown hot peppers are often used in an assortment of products!

Fermented hot sauces, hot Pepper sauces, jams and naga pickles.

This quick naga or superhot pepper pickle tastes fabulous with the traditional and authentic Bengali Panch Puran using Radhuni (Amabali Bahor) seeds or in hindi known as Ajmud (close to wild celery seeds.) Its a recipe I got off the Internet some years ago…from my old recipe book…its been adjusted a bit due to varying heat levels of the peppers but I still use it!

Its also a great way to use up fresh and frozen pods when new pods arrive. Naga peppers are hot but I frequently use much hotter peppers like Trinidad Moruga Scorpions or Carolina Reapers.

Reapers Morugas, yellow Fatalii and nagas

When using the hotter types I use smaller amount due to how lethal the pickle can get!


10/15 ripe red Naga/Moruga peppers any hot peppers.
1.5 tbsp Panch Puran
½ cup Mustard Oil
1 tbsp Garlic Paste
2 tbsp Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
5 tbsp white Vinegar
1.5 tsp salt (to Taste)


Chop up the Naga/Ghost Chilies. Discard seeds if you wish but please wear latex gloves. I keep the seeds for heat and texure.

In a blender add the chopped chillies, ½ tsp of salt and 2-3 tsp of water to make a fine paste and keep aside.

In a pan roast 1.5 tbsp of Panch Puran for couple of minutes.

Turn off the heat and cool down the spices. Grind coarsely and keep aside.

Heat ½ cup of Mustard oil in a pan and add the ground spices, chilli paste, garlic, turmeric, red chilli powder and salt.

Saute for 3-4 minutes and then turn off the flame.

Once cooled, add 4 tbsp of white Vinegar. Stir in well.

Store in sterilised containers.

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