Bulgar Wheat Stir-fry

Colourful and flavourful
Bulgar wheat stir-fry

Bulgar wheat, vegetables, stir-fried. Plenty of seasoning, voila lunch. My daughter prepped while I rustled up with soy, yellow chilli bean sauce.

It was basically odds and ends in a pan! But it sure tasted brilliant!


Cook your Bulgar wheat. First rinse about 300g thoroughly then boil in pan for approx 8mins till tender.

Drain and allow to dry.

Take a 2 inch fresh piece of ginger and grate into a pan of oil.

Add to that
Half red onion sliced
Chilli flakes
1 thinly peeled carrot ribbons
1 red capsicum sliced, then into 3rds
2 green chillies chopped
3 biggish mushrooms sliced
Handful kale 1 tbsp yellow chilli bean sauce
Small can sweetcorn
1 chicken stock cube

Chuck all the above vegetables, chilli beans and crumbled stock cube into the oil, add salt fry for about 5 minutes.
Add cooked bulgar wheat.
Stir in and cook.

Stir fry on high heat

Now switch of the heat.
Add black pepper, spring onion sliced, hand full fresh coriander and good drizzle of light soy sauce, wafer thin chicken slices torn up if you have any.

Stir well, taste for seasoning and serve!

Mix in the garnishes and serve

It was to use up left over bits!
Some more bulgar wheat left for cold salad lunch tomorrow!

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