A Big Massive Thankyou!

A big thankyou to all my wonderful followers and fellow cooks! At some point we hit 3,000 followers in the last few days! A credit to all you food lovers and home cooks.
A massive and humble THANKYOU for all your support, encouragement and mostly the beautiful food pics I get sent on messenger!

I do wish you would all post on the blog or website just so others could admire your wonderful dishes! Some look absolutely amazing and I feel so chuffed to hear how good they turned out.

Its been 5 months since this little blog started. It was just a little pipe dream, having a collection of recipes.

A little pipe dream that became a reality. Then in February a website, another step towards achieving goals, sharing Bengali recipes, traditional recipes, my home cooking and dishes that were just born out of inspiration from raw ingredients and my love of chilli and spices! We have 218 recipes on the website now!

Chillies n Spice and All things Rice was never about numbers, followers or likes. It was always about sharing my love of food. About inspiring others to try something a little different, motivativing people to cook food and feel the joy I do when eating it. But the sheer volume of traffic and visitors to the website just confirm that we are indeed a foodie nation and that always makes me smile. A validation!

So to each and everyone one of you again, thankyou from my heart.
It’s your page, for you to enjoy, to create, to experience and mostly for you to share!

So here’s to lots more recipes, lots more experiences and many more culinary delights!

Much love!

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