Nay Nay’s Potato Wedges

Anaya with her yummy wedges
Proud as punch!
Nay Nay’s potato wedges
Cooked in the airfryer
Made with lots of passion

I’ve just returned from a lovely weekend from seeing my various family in Birmingham. In particular I spent the time with my neice, little Anaya, 7yrs old but going on 70! She used to pronounce her name as Nay nay as a baby…it stuck. She is still our Nay Nay and these are her Potato wedges!

She has the most amazing palate, from Sushi, all shell fish, meats and fish!
She loves all international cuisine and even at a young age, wanted tasty flavourful food!

We all have airfryers and we decided to make some wedges, to accompany our Friday evening treat, a pepperoni pizza her daddy ordered for us for her tea.

It was so enjoyable watching her cook, spell out the words and count. Absolutely adore my little neice, she has no idea what a bundle of laugh she is with some of her one liners! Love her to the moon and beyond!

With diligence and with a little verbal direction from me she wrote out and made these wedges which were absolutely delicious.

I’ve left it as she wrote it. She got a notebook and said it was going to be her recipe book.

Here is the recipe for her wonderful potato wedges as written and made by Anaya.
We collected the ingredients together based on what flavours we liked. She was so proud of them! Beaming and made extras for her daddy and uncles to have when they came home.

These can be made in the oven too but we enjoy them in the airfryer.

I’m sure you will love her wedges too!

20 mins in airfryer on 180 deg C
Perfect wedges!

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