Spice Storage! More Tools For Your Trade!

I have OCD tendencies. I always feel things need to be done systematically. Things be well planned and organised. That’s the same in my kitchen. Order and practicality!

That applies with my spices and cooking tools too!
So therefore I have 7 spice dabbas!

1 for my regular spices
1 for my whole spices
1 for special spices
1 for marinades
1 for seasoning

And few more with specialist spices.

Problem is despite this I still have my Basar selection in different jars. And they need taking out with other spices which means endless items, surface clutter and the big factor for me energy usage!!!!

I loathe opening endless jars hence the dabbas but then how many dabbas do you open or take out!

Well after searching for a long while I finally found a few months ago a fab product that just makes life easier and more practical! THIS!

Its not the most aesthetically pleasing but it certainly does a fab job!

A little compartmented storage box!

And the beauty is each little box has a lid which was really important to me to keep the spices fresh! Better still they hold the same amount of spice as does my stainless steel dabba containers.

Its just amazing! I just take this out and just my 1 general spice Dabba!

In the 12 boxes I have in each little compartment the 16 spices below and 2 empty boxes still.

Dried Methi
Panch Puran
Cloves and peppercorns
Cinnamon, cardamoms and mace
Torn bay and birds eye dried chillies
Gharam masala
Cumin seeds
Coriander seeds
Nigella seeds
Fenugreek seeds
Al Noor Basar
East End Basar
Curry club Basar
Alamgeer Basar
Dried chilli flakes
Tandoori Masala

All at my finger tips.

I just take out this box and 1 Dabba and I’m sorted! No more taking out endless jars!

Every couple of weeks I fill them up!

I reckon there is a market for a more extensive spice Dabbas which holds most of the cooking essentials as our repertoire and spice collection grow. I think this serves me well in that respect!

I still have my fancy traditional Dabbas but this number honestly is the bees knees for sheer convenience!

I even got my sister one! Less clutter and more organised! She quoted it was ‘bostin’!! She kindly sent me a pic!

My sister using it!

Oh and a little useful idea. I have a tile on my cooker. Have done so for few years. It saves on cooker cleaning. It gives me a work surface to put my lids, water etc on while mostly preventing the grease splatters or debris from coating the entire cooker! I can move it along to whichever side I’m not using. Once cookings done its easily removed or in my case I plonk my rice cooker or instant pot to do its thing! Out of the way and under the extracter hood! Win win!

Less surface exposure, Less cleaning!!

If anyones interested in compartment box the link is on the FB page post.


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