White Cabbage With Frozen Mixed Veg

White cabbage with mixed veg in a panch puran temper
A simple dish with no powdered spices
The mixed veg add texture and charm
A perfect super quick no effort Bengali cabbage dish
Simplicity at its ultimate

White Cabbage with frozen veg and Panch Puran Temper. A Bengali niramish dish. Bengali vegetable dishes are very different to the types of vegetable curries you will find around the Indian subcontinent.

Most start with the five whole spice temper of Panch Puran. For more about Panch Puran read here Lets Talk About Panch Puran. There is rarely any garlic or onion and very little in spices, sometimes it’s enhanced with fresh ginger. You can get great Panch Puran from The herb and Spice Emporium

This cabbage dish is totally stripped back and celebrates the cabbage in its glory as a versatile and beautiful vegetable that it is. There are no powdered spices in this recipe and what you have is a scrumptious aromatic dish. One that is great as a side to accompany any main meal or a delicious breakfast dish/supper dish with paratha or puri.

I often make this as a Bhog offering for my Puja at home as its pure vegetarian dish.
This is such a simple recipe and I really hope that you will give it a try on a day where you want to make little effort but be rewarded with a fine little number. This is it!


1 small white cabbage finely sliced.
3 dried chilies torn
2 bay leaves torn
1 tablespoon panch puran
2 green chillies slit
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
3 tablespoons of oil


In a non-stick pan add your oil and when it’s hot add the bay leaves and dried red chillies. After a few seconds add your Panch Puran and cook till it’s darkened in colour and aromatic.

Add to this your thinly sliced cabbage and cover immediately in order to let the sizzling steam created on contact with the oil infuse into the cabbage for just a minute.

Now uncover, add your salt, sugar, frozen veg and green slit chillies. Give everything a really good stir and cover on a low flame to cook and sweat down the cabbage. The cabbage should cook in the steam that’s created in the pan. Make sure to check often and stir to ensure it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. If it looks dry add a splash of water. Do not let the cabbage catch or burn.

Add the green chillies and continue to cook covered stirring occasionally until the cabbage is soft and tender to touch. That is it really! Its done and should be savoury, have a hint of sweetness, be aromatic and have a lovely texture in every mouthfull!

Serve with hot rice, Aloo Paratha or luchi puri. Enjoy

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