Chilli Fry Morich Bhaja

Morich Bhaja
Chilli fry
Medley of mild, sweet and hot chilli peppers

Everyone who knows me understands my love for chillies and I mean really hot chilis, the superhot’s like the Carolina repears, Moruga scorpions and all hot pods alike.

I love growing my own superhot’s, it’s a passion, a hobby, a thrill and I love making hot sauces, relishes, fermented sauces and using them in curries.

Amongst the superhot chili peppers this year I have some South American Aji, Jalapenos, habanero’s, Bishop’s crown, lemon drops, Biquino and the Rocoto Manzano.
These are all mildish chilis and I love harvesting them to cook with.

Aji red and basket of fire
Bishop’s crown
Aji Limon/Lemon drop
Rocoto Manzano
Superhot Butch T Moruga Scorpions
Yellow Butch T

One of my favourites is fresh chilli fry/morich bhaja.
Mixing an assortment of superhot with the mild chilis and then frying them simply with sliced onions, turmeric and salt produces the most fragrant, mouth tinglingly sweet fry that is delicious on its own with rice or accompanied with fish, dried fish, grilled meat or poultry. It’s amazing in burgers, hotdogs, wraps and Tacos!

There is no abundant spice added to this fry, it is simply a medley of the beautiful chili peppers that come together and liven anything you add or serve it with.

My hubby kindly sliced up the fresh ingredients for me. I enjoyed gently caramelizing them albeit with my left arm as my right is in a sling!

What followed was a beautiful lunch of just morich bhaja and hot rice.
In the evening we accompanied fried whitefish with another freshly made morich bhaja.

The combination of your Peppers is entirely personal, if you don’t have the array of chilis which I had then on the next supermarket trip pick a few sweet peppers, a few hot chillies and even a small thin walled green pepper, slice them and fry them together. What you want is a heat that you like from the hot chilis and then the sweet aromatic contribution from the larger mild chili peppers.

It is such a simple but satisfying lunch to have. One that lets me appreciate and savour the rewards of growing my own chili peppers! One that finds its way to the dining table whenever I see an assortment of chillis!


Assortment of hot, mild and sweet chillies.
2 medium onions sliced
1/4 tsp of turmeric powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
4 tbsp oil


Assortment of chilli peppers
Homegrown and freshly harvested.

Slice the chilli peppers so they are about half cm thick. Slice the onions the same. We want them to cook simultaneously.

Sliced and prepped

Add a little oil to the frying pan and heat it up.

Add both the chilli and onions to the frying pan. Add the turmeric, salt and sugar now and fry on medium heat.

Salt and pinch of turmeric
Sugar added to help caremalisation

Continue to fry gently stirring occasionally untill the onions start to colour.

When your chillies are soft but a little burnished and your onions soft, golden and caremalised your morich bhaja is done.

Serve and enjoy with just plain rice or accompanied with a platter of grills of your choice.

We enjoyed our morich bhaja with plain rice!

Morich bhaja eaten with rice

Morich bhaja served with Tilapia fish fillets but beautiful with any grill!

Morich bhaja with fried fish

Serve in a wrap or tacos with plenty relish!

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