Brussels Sprouts, Potato, Onion Bhaji

Brussels sprouts, potatoes, onion bhaji
A welcome side and celebrates any
seasonal veg
A subtedly spiced bhaji

Brussels Sprouts, potato, onion bhaji. This wonderful side dish is superb with dal and rice. It’s quick…prep and cook, all in one!

So what’s a bhaji?

In a Bengali home dal is always served with a bhaji…a fry. it’s simply a dry fried accompaniment that adds texture to the one dimensional dal.
This brussels sprouts, onion and potato bhaji adds texture, additional bursts of flavour and always elevates the humble dal. Every Bengali meal starts with this course with various combinations. For more bhaji recipies visit Snacks and sides

It’s also a big favourite with children who start their curry journey usually with dal, rice and a bhaji! for dal recipes visit Dals

Don’t be tempted to add other spices as this is the traditional and authentic bhaji recipe and method.

The flavour is in the simplicity and celebrates the ingredients…whatever you choose to make a bhaji with.

It’s simple, quick and easy.
Few ingredients and done!


12 Brussels sprouts cut into slices
1 medium potato peeled, cut into thin fries
3 fresh green chillies slit.
1 small onion sliced
3 tbsp oil
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Sugar
2 dried red birds eye chilli or large torn up
1 level tsp tumeric
2 green slit chillies

Slice the sprouts


Place all the fresh ingredients, the brussels sprouts, potatoes, onions, green chillies in a bowl and give them a toss.

Combine in bowl or colander
Onions, fresh chillies, potatoes and sprouts

Take a nonstick frying pan or karai.

Heat oil till hot.
Add red dried chilli.

Sizzle chillies

Sizzle for 10 seconds and add sprouts, onions, potatoes, salt, sugar, tumeric and green chillies.

Add brussels sprouts, potato and onion into the pan
Sugar, salt and turmeric
Mix in well

Stir all the ingredients well and stir fry for few minutes.
Now reduce heat and cook covered, stirring occasionally and gently untill sprouts and potatoes are done.
At this stage…uncover…and increase the heat a little.

Fold gently to hold shape

Fry the brussels sprouts, potatoes as the edges caremalise slightly and you get a slight brown tinge here and there. Stirring gently each time in folding motion. You want to keep the veg whole and their shape.

Caremalisation adds a depth of flavour

When you get a slight toffee aroma and sweetened turmeric flavour…switch off and serve…

Look for that caremalisation
and change of aroma
Ready to serve

We have it with dal and rice!

Brussels sprouts, potato and onion bhaji served with dal and rice
Great to as a side dish to any meal

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