Lets Talk About The Essential Basic Curry Starter Spices.

Basic starter spices

Where do you start?

Lets talk about the essential basic starter spices!

For every beginner its a minefield trying to decide what spices to start with.

What you should buy? what are the main essential basic spices?

I recently did a quick essential pack for a friend. I knew that with the selected spices any basic curry could be cooked. And it was most gratifying seeing them start their journey cooking from scratch!

It is such a relief to have that list, to know what’s what and how it comes together.

So below is the essential basic spices. The main staples. With these your on your journey. Armed and ready.

So go for it! Cook a curry!

The Basics:

Spice Powders:

Chilli powder
Cumin powder
Coriander powder
Kashmiri chilli powder
Basar/Curry powder
Gharam Masala

Whole Spices:

Cinnamon bark
Cardamom pods
Panch Puran
Cumin seeds
Whole Dried Chillies

Dried Kasuri Methi leaves

Storing Spices:

I personally love using a storage kit that has individual lids and compartments to keep spices fresh and have previously posted it.

However 2 Dabbas will suffice.
I’ve suggested the plastic ones to start with but ultimately you can progress to the steel spice dabbas usually used.

Plastic Dabba for whole spices
Steel Dabba for spices

For steel Dabbas there are many sizes.
Choose one that’s suited to your use and frequency of curry cooking. http://The herb and spice Emporium can provide you with both spices and Dabbas together or separately.
There is a wide range of both Dabbas and starter kits. Select your basic spices and start your journey.

The herb and spice emporium unit 22. Eagle Centre market. Derby. De1 2az
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10 am to 4pm

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If you like the one stop storage then this is amazing and houses all my essential 16 that I usually cook with. The compartments have lids to ensure freshness and it tucks away in most kitchen units! I just pull this out and it has the basic essentials which is great for my kids too.

I keep my daily use dabbas and spices near my cooker…not next to it but near for ease of use and access. When I designed my kitchen it was with practicality at the fire front. For me I can pull out my carousel, cook and put i away without cluttering my work surfaces.

Buying Spices:

Ultimately start your journey with small 100g spice bags and try to keep them well sealed with either clips or bands. If you can store them together in a sealed storage box for convenience and lasting shelf life and freshness.


How to store spices: For further information about spices and storage, the following link will help. THE ESSENTIAL PICKS OF THE TRADE

If you want some basic starter points about cooking curries, tricks and tips then do have a read of my blog post TRICKS OF THE TRADE

There are some additional information regards to being organised found in Tools of the trade!

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