Prawn Linguine With An Avocado Pesto

Prawn linguine with an Avocado pesto
Creamy lush pesto with a nod to guacamole
Fresh, zesty, aromatic and delicious

Prawn Linguine with an avacado pesto. Yep, avocado! A light, creamy flavoursome quick dish that is comforting and certainly a summer time must! I had some ripe avocados after having some guacamole and needed to use these up.

This prawn linguine with avocado pesto was a quick option, needing very little cooking. It’s done in the time your pasta cooks!

I use 1 avocado for each person with 100g linguine per portion. However I appreciate we Asian households don’t measure!


2 ripe Avocados
Zest of 1 large lemon
Handful of fresh coriander
1 garlic clove
Half red onion finely sliced
4 green chillies or to taste
Handful of roasted pine nuts or cashews
Juice of the zested lemon with couple of wedges for serving.
Cooked peeled prawns

Reserve some of above for garnish
Few Reserved nuts
Red onion slices
Olive oil for drizzling
Chilli flakes
Fresh chopped coriander
Black pepper


Take a large pan, add kettle of boiled water, salt. When on rolling boil add the linguine and cook till al dente. Drain and rinse under cold water…set aside.

Take a food blender.

Place the avocado pulp, coriander, garlic, lemon juice, toasted nuts, green chillies and blitz.

In a blender ot magic bullet add the fresh ingredients except red onions
Blend this till smooth and creamy

Pour out into bowl.

Pour contents into a bowl.

Add the prawns, lemon zest, red onions, salt and stir/mix well. Add some pepper and olive oil. Now add the linguine and combine well.

Add remaining ingredients
Lemon zest

Check for seasoning. Adjust if needed.

Serve the prawn linguine in avocado pesto in bowls with garnish of red onions, chilli flakes, pepper, nuts, fresh coriander and a good drizzle of olive oil.

Serve and enjoy

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