Lime,Tuna and Smoked Salmon Cakes

Lime, Tuna and Smoked Salmon Cakes
No egg and crumb coating necessary
Fine crispy coating
Perfect as burgers
But mighty fine with peas and potato waffles!

Quick fish cakes

If you’re not pedantic about deviating from methodology and recipes and love speedy good food, this might be up your street! Quick Lime, Tuna and Salmon fish cakes.

Ditch the egg, flour and bread crumbs.
The airfryer works wonders in making these firstly, they are evenly cooked secondly, they get crispy. if you don’t have one then no worries, a grill will also do for these perfect little cakes!

I didn’t have any baps but these make amazing burgers…as they are flourished with spicy rocket leaves and tartare sauce.

Today I went with potato waffles and mushy peas for a quick lunch fix for hubby and me.

So whats in them?

Leftover mash, tuna, few slices of smoked salmon and usual fridge remnants go in!
The ace in the hand comes from the aromatic kafir lime leaves that sing in every bite!

Fish cakes really don’t need all that palava with egg dipping, crumb coating, unless you’re entertaining in my book. I don’t bother as the taste is there and they get a lovely crispy coating from the oil spray while cooking as you will see!

Give em a go!


Half cup mashed potato
Small can tuna chunks in brine drained
Smoked salmon (optional)
Half sliced bread crumbed
2 tbsp mayonaise
3 spring onions chopped fine
4 fresh kafir lime leaves finely chopped
3 fresh chillies finely chopped
1 tsp chilli flakes
2 pinchs of pepper
Small handful fresh coriander chopped
Spray oil
Salt to season


In a bowl add your potatoes and all the ingredients.

Spring onions, chilli flakes, fresh chillies,
Chopped kaffir leaves
Tuna, bread crumbs and fresh coriander, mix well.
Smoked salmon
Gently combine
Make little patties
Spray with veg oil

Cook in grill or airfryer till golden on top. Turn over and cook till golden on other side.

Crispy golden coating

Serve as per your choice

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