Cheats Biryani

Cheats Biryani
Using up left over curries
This ones special as it has a thick layer of dal
Steamed with ghee, laced with kewra water, flourished with crispy fried onions and lastly garnished with fresh coriander
With a mint sauce and fine salad

Cheats Biryani inter-layered with chicken, potatoes and then creamy dal, then follows
infustion of Kewra water, crispy onions, ghee and plenty fresh coriander.
The dal takes it to another level!

Biryani is usually a solution to a non fussy dinner or easy entertaining but what makes this even more wonderful is the thick layer of dal, in this case as it makes for a unique dish . This simply makes this Cheats biryani even more superb as its almost like a deconstructed dhansak meal delivered on your plate.

I always feel the need to have a dal with my biryani as I feel it can be a little dry a dish. But not when I make it like this as that simple layer just adds the right amount of looseness that I like but with another dimension. Here are some recipes for Dal- Lentils

Why it’s a cheats Biryani?

Add to that it’s a cheats Biryani. I actually used leftover curries from any dinner parties the day before. You can use any curry you have, paneer, meat, chicken or fish!

Brief methodology:

I just layered the heated curries and rice.
Each rice layer I used liberal amounts of ghee, fried onions, fresh coriander and sprinkle of kewra water.

Ready for oven to steam
Curries and dal are hot layered with steaming rice

Finished with sprinkle of water and placed in a hot oven covered with foil to steam up.

I find its a great way to use up leftover curries and for me a layer of dal just makes it amazing!

Delicious layers of fluffy rice and chicken dotted with lentils

Serve with salad and mint sauce!

1 pot meal
Just scrumptious!

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